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Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science and Operation Research (MITRO)

This study track is open to students who are interested in thorough training at the interface of computer science and mathematics or to students from other study tracks who would like to complement their training with theoretical courses. The choice of this track is particularly advisable for students who would like to pursue with a PhD program in computer science.

The courses trains future experts to analyse and solve hard mathematical and algorithmic problems (MITRO205, MITRO206, MITRO208), understand their limits (MITRO203) and at master the ins and outs of programming and programming languages (MITRO201, MITRO204, MITRO207).

The third year must be completed within one of the master of science programs offered by the University of Paris Saclay in the Fundamental Computer Science and Applications field: AFP, FIIL or RO.

2nd year courses

MITRO 2nd year program (192 hours) Fall semester

Spring semester

Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4
Time slot B1 MITRO201 Logic MITRO204 Automata and transducers MITRO205 Combinatorial Optimisation and combinatorics MITRO207
Distributed computing through combinatorial topology
Time slot B2 MITRO202 Computability MITRO203 Complexity MITRO206
Game theory
Advanced algorithms

3rd year options

The  third year must be completed within one of the Master of Science programs (M2) offered by  the University of Paris Saclay in the  Fundamental Computer Science and Applications  field :

  • M2 FIIL,  Fondements de l’informatique  et Ingénierie du Logiciel   (UPSA mention informatique), see FIIL program
  • M2 RO, Recherche Opérationnelle (UPSA mention informatique), see RO program 
  • M2 AFP Algorithmics and Foundations of Programming, (UPSA mention informatique), see AFP program 

Similar programs  can be possible abroad.