Télécom ParisTech


Telecom ParisTech is among the overall top performers in U-Multirank 2015 on the international level


U- Multirank gives students a significant insight to evaluate the international higher education system as it reveals unique strengths, despite small sized promotions!

Ref. U-Multirank  2015 Electrical engineering ranking

Telecom ParisTech received top scores (‘A’) on research indicators  as the number of research publications, the external research income, and the number of post-doc positions. An “A” score for top cited publications and a “B” for its citation rate indicate the high scientific impact of the institution.

At the same time, Telecom ParisTech performs very strong both on international orientation and on knowledge transfer.
With “A” scores on percentage of foreign language Master programmes, student mobility, international staff and international co-publications indicators ; and also with a high percentage of income from private sources, many patents and a high number of spinoffs. Its excellent results specifically show its very strong links to industry and business.

Its research combines a high academic impact (see above) together with a strong focus on applied research, as measured by its “A” scores simultaneously on 3 indicators (co-publications with industry, income from private sources, publications cited in patents) .

Telecom ParisTech with some 1,500 students covers all disciplines in IT technology and management, on two campuses (Paris and EURECOM-Sophia Antipolis, 100% English-speaking on the French Riviera).

Telecom ParisTech is a highly selective French Engineering Graduate School. It specifically places entrepreneurship and innovation at the heart of its programmes combining IT technology and management at high level in its multidisciplinary research Centre. Answering the digital needs of industry and society, in touch with the socio-economic issues of the digital era, Telecom ParisTech drives the College of Innovation through Digital Technology of Université Paris-Saclay , a world’s innovation ecosystem (estimated to be ranked 26th in the ARWU-Shanghai Ranking 2015).