Télécom ParisTech

Innovative research

Telecom ParisTech incorporates the socio-economic impacts of its research into its strategic priorities. Their success is measured by the practical integration of the results into products and services.

We therefore perform much of our research in partnerships and consortia with industrial groups, SMEs and public bodies.

Télécom ParisTech prioritizes the protection and promotion of its inventions. The current portfolio includes 45 patents and 35 software programs.

It encourages technology transfers and the creation of innovative start-ups based on the fruits of its research.

Telecom ParisTech is committed to the policy of framework agreements that have been arranged between the Institut Télécom, France Télécom and Alcatel.

Our researchers participate in a range of standardization bodies:  IETF, W3C, MPEG, etc.

We support the start-up of businesses by our graduates and each year 30 projects and start-ups enter its business incubators. Télécom ParisTech’s research allows us to forge close ties with 130 businesses that have passed through ParisTech Entrepreneurs, a joint Institut Télécom/ParisTech incubator , and which has supported more than 185 projects since its creation in 1999.

Research partnerships

Institut Carnot Télécom & Société numérique

Research partnerships between businesses and Télécom ParisTech’s research departments focus on bilateral projects and joint research programs.

Bilateral research

Businesses submit research topics in line with their innovation strategy to Télécom ParisTech. We identify researchers in one of the departments specializing in the field in question with a view to forming a scientific partnership. The “Label Carnot” reflects the quality of Télécom ParisTech’s partnerships with the business world. Télécom ParisTech is an integral part of the Institut Carnot Télécom & Société numérique  which has been awarded the Carnot 2 label for its research partnerships in the ICST sector.

Collaborative programs

Télécom ParisTech regularly works on large-scale research programs with both small and large industrial partners in response to national, European and international invitations to tender. These include projects run by the French national research agency (ANR), competitiveness clusters and EU framework programmes.

These partnerships and programs benefit from a single point of contact:
Yamina Belabassi  
Tel.: 01 45 81 74 37

Armand Lévy 
Director for Innovation and Development