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Get a degree : Engineering courses and Masters

Master of Science in Engineering

Students from universities outside France,

Are you are in the last year of your Bachelor’s degree (usually the 4th year of higher education)? You can apply for the Telecom ParisTech engineering "Diplôme d'Ingénieur" (MSc in Engineering).

You can gain admission in one of two ways:

  • Recruitment via a competitive examination open to university students, under an agreement between Telecom ParisTech and your own university. This form of admission applies to students from Brazil, Russia, China and Colombia in particular. Find out more about coordinated recruitment .
  • Recruitment as part of the double Masters-level degree programmes which Telecom ParisTech has with your own university. Telecom ParisTech has developed double degrees with more than thirty universities both in Europe and further afield. For further information, consult your International Relations Department. Find out more about Double Degrees .

Are you in your 4th year of higher education but your university doesn’t have an agreement with Telecom ParisTech? Contact us .

Foreign students who are already in France,

you can gain admission in one of two ways:

- If you are doing preparatory training (classe préparatoire): You can join Telecom ParisTech’s engineering courses via the "Mines-Ponts" joint competitive examination (Concours commun "Mines-Ponts").

- If you have already studied science at university level for at least 3 or 4 years in France or abroad: You can join the course via University admissions.



Engineering courses run over four semesters...

and include one semester working in industry or in a scientific laboratory. At the end of the two-year course students gain the "Diplôme d'Ingénieur" (MSc in Engineering) (120 ECTS credits), which entitles them to a Masters degree. Graduates from this programme can progress to a doctorate without any further study.

On the Paris campus most of the "Diplôme d'Ingénieur" (MSc in Engineering) course is taught in French, and on the Sophia Antipolis campus (EURECOM) the whole course is taught in English.



Masters degrees

Masters degree courses are open to young graduates with at least 4 years of higher education in scientific subjects. Programmes are taught in English or French and usually last one year. They consist of classes and a work placement.

These programmes are available at the University of Paris-Saclay. Telecom ParisTech coordinates 5 masters degrees at Paris-Saclay University, specialising in Information Technology, Innovation, Industry, Society and Electronics, Electrical Energy, and Automation.