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2 campuses

A choice of two campuses is available at Telecom ParisTech: Paris campus or Eurecom at Sophia Antipolis campus. Each of them offer different study tracks.

The same Telecom ParisTech Engineering degree is delivered whatever the curriculum attended.

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Paris Campus : program

In the Eurecom programme, the two years take place at Sophia Antipolis, and can be followed entirely in English. It is specialized in 4 teaching tracks: Data Science and Engineering; Communication Systems; Smart Objects and Communication System Security

This curriculum is only open to students from Telecom ParisTech's academic partners with Double Degree agreements.

Three essential aspects to Telecom ParisTech teaching

It is important to know that there are always 3 aspects developed in Telecom ParisTech teaching, no matter what year or track:

  • the scientific and technological aspect
  • the foreign languages and cultures aspect
  • the personal skills and human relations aspect

We believe that all three are just as important when entering the world of Engineering today. One has to be aware of the new challenges in the industry at every level, and seeing as our future engineers will be working with people from all around the world, it is important to prepare them to do so.

Thus, foreign languages and cultures are a very important aspect of our teaching, as they enable to understand and accept more easily different customs, codes and lifestyles ; on the other hand, one cannot understand others without knowing oneself -we therefore also have classes based on human relations and communication, and personal skills.

SynapseS, le catalogue des enseignements

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