Télécom ParisTech

Double degree (diplôme de Master, diplôme d’ingénieur)

Telecom ParisTech is a founding member of the University of Paris Saclay and collaborates with other engineering schools and universities in the design of programmes and syllabi.

Students enrolled in the "diplôme d'ingénieur" cycle and who are in the second year of the postgraduate programme, may, with the agreement of their academic advisor, opt to do one of the selective Master of Science programmes proposed elsewhere within the University of Paris Saclay or in other Parisian university. Some of these programmes are in English but in all cases, they will then be enrolled directly in the second year of such.

In addition to obtaining the "diplôme d'ingénieur" of Telecom ParisTech (for which it will also be necessary for them to follow some additional courses), these students will obtain from the university in whose programme they are also enrolled a Master's degree, principally in computer science, electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, social sciences.

Within the above fields they will choose a specialization (called "spécialité" or "parcours" depending on the university).

The names of the universities and Master's specializations accepted for a double degree appear below.

For further information, consult the links below for each cycle you are interested in, and the postgraduate programmes.

Université Paris-Saclay

The Université Paris-Saclay provides a Master's level training offer asset-backed to a research of the highest international level. Learn more .

Master in Computer Science (see Computer Science )

  • Advanced Communication Networks (ACN)
  • Algorithmics and Foundations of Programming,  (AFP)
  • Machine Learning, Information and Content  (AIC)
  • Design, Modeling and Architecture of Complex Industrial Systems) (COMASIC)
  • Data & Knowledge -  Données et Connaissances (D&K)
  • Foundations of Computer Science and Software Engineering   (FIIL)
  • Data Management in a Digital World (DataScale) 
  • Interaction - Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Recherche Opérationnelle (RO)

Master in Physics (see Physics 

  • Nanosciences 
  • Laser Optics Matter (see also UPMC, OMP)

Master in Mathematics and applications (see Mathematics and applications )

  • Data Sciences
  • Mathématiques financières – Site Palaiseau (Polytechnique) (MATHSFI)
  • Mathématiques de l'aléatoire
  • Mathématiques, Vision, Apprentissage (MVA)

Master in Electrical Engineering  (see Electrical Engineering )

  • Advanced wireless Communications Systems (SAR)
  • Automatic Control and signal and image processing (ATSI)
  • Composants et Antennes pour les Télécoms (CAT)
  • Integration Circuits and Systems (ICS)
  • Multimedia Networking  (MN)
  • Optical Networks and Photonic Systems (ROSP)
  • Systèmes Embarqués et Traitement de l'Information  (SETI)

Master in  Innovation, Enterprise and Society (see Innovation, Enterprise and Society 

  • Modélisation des Imaginaires, Innovation et Création  (MODIM)
  • Network Industries and Digital Economy (IREN)
  • Projet, Innovation, Conception (PIC)
  • Sciences, Technologies et Sociétés (STS)



UPMC, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6)

Master in Computer Science (see Informatique)

  • Agents Distribués, Robotique, Recherche opérationnelle, Décision (ANDROIDE)
  • Données, Apprentissage et connaissances (DAC)
  • Image (IMA)
  • Réseaux (RES)
  • Systèmes et Applications réparties (SAR)

Master in Engineering

  • Systèmes de Télécommunications Numérique (see STN)
    Acoustique, traitement du signal et informatique appliqués à la musique (see ATIAM)
  • Master in Mathematics

Probabilités et finances (see Probabilités et Finances)

  • Master in « Sciences de la Terre, de l’environnement et des Planètes »
  • Télédétection et techniques spatiales : Méthodes Physiques en Télédétection (see TTS)



Université Panthéon Sorbonne (Paris 1)

Master « Design, Medias, technologies »

  • Arts et médias numériques (DESIGN )

Université Paris Descartes (Paris 5)

Master in Biomedical Engineering

  • Bio-Imagerie (see BME )

Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7)

Master in Mathematics

  • Statistique et modèles aléatoires en finance  (MOA )