Télécom ParisTech

Educational offering

The French as a foreign language course offering includes...

... general courses

These are annual courses divided into five levels defined in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) .

Tests are held each year in September, or whenever you arrive at the school, in order to place you in the course that best matches your level.

These courses will help you to improve your communication skills in French (comprehension and oral and written expression) and to develop your intercultural skills by teaching you keys to understanding French society and by encouraging interaction between students from different countries. These courses will assist you during your studies at Telecom ParisTech, and help you prepare for your engineering internship report in France.

In collaboration with the Internship Office and the Economic and Social Sciences Department (SES), all the general FLE courses include CV writing, cover letter writing, and recruitment interview preparation through appropriate educational activities. The professors monitor students' progress, and learning materials have been developed specifically for non-French speaking students.

... phonetics courses

We highly recommend that you take a phonetics course to improve your pronunciation and the fluidity of your speech, and to help you work on the relationship between spoken and written French. A remedial workshop is available for students having particular difficulties.

... interview courses

Interview courses are private courses or ones held in small groups to help students improve their oral expression through projects defined with the teacher. They are adapted to the students’ identified needs and help students develop autonomy in their learning.

During the first semester, these courses are reserved for students in levels below B2 who are required to complete a general culture course.

During the second semester, a course is offered to all students in levels below B1.

Special remedial module for Chinese students

This optional module is offered during the first semester and was created to meet the specific needs of Chinese students in learning French language and culture, and to help them better understand the working methods used at the School. It is taught by a bilingual French-Chinese teacher.