Télécom ParisTech


"Showcase creativity, autonomy and rigor"

Shemsi Lhassani

Shemsi Lhassani

Class of 2008 Eurécom Graduate, Sophia Antipolis

Accenture Technology Labs

Integrating new technologies

My work consists in integrating new technologies (e.g. biometrics, RIA, video analysis) in the systems of very different clients (e.g. airports, large stores, the police, governments) in order to improve their performance and safety and enhance user comfort.

Proposing and developing solutions

My work is half-way between that of the technical consultant and the developer-researcher because I have to study client needs in order to offer and develop solutions. This special situation gives me a front seat position in all project phases, from creating the prototype (to show potential clients how a new technology can be adapted to their sector) to deploying the new solution in the client's place of business, as well as developing and testing the solution. It therefore demands very varied skills that are both technical and managerial and it is very intellectually stimulating.

Speaking English

The Telecom ParisTech engineering course enabled me to showcase the creativity, autonomy and rigor necessary to accomplish my mission. It also allowed me to develop my technical skills so that I feel confident about using the new technologies required in my work.

The multicultural environment and the fact that I practise my English at Sophia Antipolis are indispensable advantages with every passing day, particularly in the international context in which I work (with my clients and colleagues coming from very different backgrounds, the working language is English). Lastly, the contacts I developed and maintained with the rest of my class have helped me to develop a more open mind and enabled me to develop good working relations.