Télécom ParisTech

Assistant head of the housing, urban and land bureau

"Formulate strategic proposals"

Quentin Munier

Quentin Munier

Class of 2007

Ingénieur du corps des Mines (ex Télécommunications corps)

Ministry for the budget, public accounts, civil service and state reform - Budget Management

In state service

I jumped at the opportunity offered to me as a member of the civil service to join Budget Management in the Ministry for the Budget. My first job had to do with public procedures to support exports and state guarantees. It gave me a unique chance to work with many companies that were developing their overseas business.

Since September 2008 I have been in charge of the state budget for housing and urban policies. My work focuses on four main activities: negotiating the budget, supervising establishments, analyzing the financial issues in public policies and suggesting structural reforms, particularly as part of the economic recovery plan and the general revision of public policies.

An expert on financing systems for a sector

Budget management offers a young engineer the opportunity to very quickly become one of the few state experts who have a perfect mastery of the financing systems for a sector. It develops qualities that will always be useful: the ability to formulate strategic propositions and quantify them precisely, skills in accountancy, finance and law, as well as the ability to negotiate and rigorously follow up the major management decisions of the companies and establishments studied.

Training that is open to innovation

Apart from acquiring in-depth training in the latest technologies, Telecom ParisTech students can take courses in economics, management and entrepreneurship. I appreciated this openness. It makes the school a reference in terms of innovation and support for enterprise creation.