Télécom ParisTech

Data analyst and software engineer

"Contribute to the commercial success of the company"

Haowei Jiang

Haowei Jiang

Class of 2008 EURECOM Graduate, Sophia Antipolis

Sanofi Aventis China

Commercial applications

I work for Sanofi Aventis China as a data analyst and software engineer. My work focuses mainly on the design, deployment and maintenance of the company's sales applications. This includes the sales acquisition system, the data warehouse and the reporting system.

A unique platform

I'm responsible for the company's database, from data collection to distribution. By helping my colleagues in different departments to access the very varied data they need, and which is all present on a single platform, I hope to contribute to the commercial success of the company with this powerful tool.

A human skill

The Telecom ParisTech training gave me a good knowledge of companies and strategic reasoning. The international environment at Sophia Antipolis has taught me to communicate with people with different styles, cultures and even different languages. This human skill is indispensable in my everyday work.