Télécom ParisTech


"Develop an expertise that is unique in France"

Thomas Faivre-Duboz & Raphaël Fétique

Thomas Faivre-Duboz

Raphaël Fétique

MS Class of 2007

Class of 2007 Paris Graduate

Founders of Converteo 

Attracting, converting, bonding

We help our clients to maximize the business performance of their Internet sites. This led us to develop expertise that is unique in France in the field of Web conversion, or the whole set of strategies to convert visitors to an Internet site into clients.

From technical to legal

Entrepreneurship requires many skills ranging from commercial, through technical and legal. There are many challenges to be faced. The necessary creativity, but also the rigor and sense of the client are also central preoccupations for us.

The alumni and the incubator: the right network

Thanks to the Post-graduate Masters diploma co-organized by Telecom ParisTech and HEC Paris in my third year, we discovered domains that complemented our initial training. Moreover, the network of former students and the incubator are other non-negligible advantages when we embark on the adventure of creating an enterprise.