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Hardware verification engineer

"Communication is fundamental"

Thomas Gambier

Thomas Gambier

Class of 2008 Paris Graduate

Sigma Designs Europe

Understanding, testing, simulating

I set up hardware verification tools in order to facilitate work for developers. I also have to design and develop methods to test the code at a global level and to automate the process as much as possible. I am in contact with different developers in order to find the best way to verify their modules.

Technical and multicultural

I appreciate the technical side of the work because it enables me to discover aspects of electronics that I didn't necessarily know before I joined Sigma Designs. The company is based in France, the United States and Canada, which makes the teams very multicultural. For example, 50% of my team are foreigners. And the very relaxed work atmosphere is really nice: the average age is relatively young and there is great flexibility in terms of working hours.

The importance of communication

The school gave me a knowledge base in electronics that is indispensable for my work and I also learned the basics of working in a team: communication is fundamental and discussions must be in-depth in order to be sure that everyone really understands the issues and decisions.