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Information System project manager

"Everything remains to be done!"

Matthieu Ruiz

Matthieu Ruiz

Class of 2008 Paris Graduate


Initializing the IS in a nuclear power center

I'm in charge of the automatic initialization of the management Information System (IS) for the EPR nuclear power center being built at Flamanville. In concrete terms, this means extracting the installation data from the designer's IS, consolidating it and injecting it into the nuclear operator's IS, while constantly guaranteeing a high level of quality and security all through the migration chain. The aim of the project is to guarantee that the nuclear operator's IS can contribute fully to the startup and operational phases on this site, which is a worldwide showcase for nuclear renewal.

An innovative project

Thanks to progress in CIT, this project is particularly innovative because the last French nuclear power centers were initialized manually. So everything remains to be done! Besides, permanent interaction with several operators, like the designer, the different specialists involved in running a center (operations, maintenance) and the IS application drivers makes the work very enriching and enables me to acquire new skills in the fascinating field of energy production.

Confidence in the face of complexity

If I were to stress only one point, I would say that the Telecom ParisTech training gave me the skills to deal confidently with the complex problems of everyday working life and no doubt to continue to do so for years to come!