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Junior trader

"Being constantly up to date"

Yann-Éric Boulas

Yann-Éric Boulas

Class of 2008

EURECOM graduate, Sophia Antipolis

Société Générale, Montreal

Making decisions

I am currently working in Montreal on a VIE contract as a junior trader for the Société Générale. All day long I have to make investment decisions based on the North American indices, manage risks, look for and back-test new possible strategies for implementation.

Transforming stress into energy

Being constantly up to date, understanding the American economy and all its factors in real time while simultaneously using my mathematical, financial and IT knowledge – those are the challenges I meet every day and which make every day different and fascinating. Stress is an integral part of my everyday life. Learning to manage it, even to transform it into stimulating energy is another challenge in this kind of work.

Finding the right balance

My first two years at the school gave me sound bases in mathematics and IT, as well as international experience that is now very useful in Canada. In my final year I availed of a course devoted to the world of finance thanks to the EURECOM/Edhec MSc Market finance partnership. I managed to find the right balance between maths and finance and to find fulfillment in a fascinating job.