Télécom ParisTech

Research & Development Engineer

"Security is my main preoccupation"

Julien Brianceau

Julien Brianceau

Class of 2008 Paris Graduate

Oberthur Technologies

Security in smart cards

I develop embedded banking applications for smart cards. Security is my main preoccupation: cryptography, protecting the existing code and developing a secure code in order to render the card resistant to physical attacks.

Enriching contacts

The company where I work has "only" 6000 employees but it is present over a large part of the world, which gives my work an international dimension. The contact with different teams (marketing, certification, cryptography, validation) is also very enriching on both technical and personal levels.

Precise knowledge

I joined Telecom ParisTech after doing a university degree in IT and a Masters in networks. These gave me my initial technical grounding. The school then enabled me to acquire more precise knowledge in the field of security and embedded systems and also to enjoy the benefits of a general training that is indispensable for engineers.