Télécom ParisTech

Sales manager

"Understand the physical basis of the effects we observe in practice"

Evguenii Gueorguiev

Evguenii Gueorguiev

Class of 2009

CIFRE thesis in the COMELEC (Communications and electronics) department of Telecom ParisTech and in Keopsys

Sales manager for Keopsys

Increasing my knowledge

I always wanted to develop my knowledge of telecommunications in order to understand the physical basis of the effects we observe in practice. After graduating as an engineer in Bulgaria and doing two post-graduate DEA diplomas in France, a thesis was the next logical step. I was particularly interested in light amplification in double-sheath fibers, which has great potential in terms of development and immediate applications in industry.

Technical choices and sound advice

I am currently the sales manager for Keopsys' Asia. Keopsys produces a broad range of amplifiers and lasers based on double-sheath fiber optics. My work consists in promoting, commercializing and selling these products. The knowledge I accumulated while doing my thesis has been indispensable in my first job. It also enables me to choose the best technical solution. I can thus give our clients sound advice when it comes to the final decision.

The quality of the teachers

I was determined to work in telecommunications and chose to do my thesis in Telecom ParisTech, the French Grande Ecole that specializes in this domain. Sound technical bases, international contacts developed at school and of course the indisputable quality of the teachers enabled me to do an excellent thesis.