Télécom ParisTech

Telecom and media strategy and management consultant

"Finding solutions and opportunities"

Thierry Grouès

Thierry Grouès

Class of 2007 Paris Graduate

Greenwich Consulting

Supporting clients

My work consists of providing support for clients with difficulties in value creation. Generally in a team of three or four people and for a limited period of time, we bring our sector knowledge to bear in order to help the client with a view to changing, analyzing the existing situation and elaborating strategic marketing and operational plans.

Enriching missions

The main advantage in consulting is the richness of the different missions we work on: we learn a lot from working on the one hand for several clients and then working on different problems for one client. Investigating a problem back to its roots and then finding solutions and opportunities is a fascinating exercise and extremely formative. With each new mission, we have to redefine a problem, decide on a procedure and bring new added value to the client.


The Telecom ParisTech training gave me a good understanding of the key issues in telecoms: players, technologies, usage, developments and innovation. This enables me to have pertinent answers for client problems. Teamwork, which is encouraged in school, was also a strong point in my training: pragmatism, organization and communication are key elements that I use every day in my work.