Télécom ParisTech

Joint degree with HEC (business school)

A joint degree agreement between Télécom ParisTech and HEC Paris is expected to be signed in the near future. It will enable Télécom ParisTech students to study at HEC and obtain both the Grande École HEC degree and Télécom ParisTech engineering degree. Alternatively, students studying for the Grande École HEC degree may also study at Télécom ParisTech with a view to obtaining both degrees.

Number of places and applications

The number of places made available to Telecom ParisTech students is limited to five a year. To be eligible for the scheme, you need to be a student on either the Paris or Sophia (EURECOM) campus, in the second year of an engineering course with student status, as part of a 36-month degree course (after completing the core curriculum - BCI - in the first year, and year one of a Masters course).

Structure of course followed by Telecom ParisTech students

Students selected for the dual degree, after completion of the core curriculum (BCI) in their first year and year one of a Masters course in Paris or Sophia Antipolis (36-month degree course), or after year one of a Masters course in Paris or Sophia Antipolis (24-month degree course):

  • enter and follow the second year basic management course at HEC (“Year M1”),
  • then return to Télécom ParisTech to complete the second year of the Masters course which includes an engineering internship in a company and a teaching term,
  • and finally return to HEC to follow the third year (called “Year M2”) which consists of a main subject and a four-month internship.

Tuition fees

Students registered for the dual degree are administratively registered with both establishments.

  • They pay the tuition fees in force at Télécom ParisTech for each year of study at Télécom ParisTech (€1,144  per year in 2011-2012)
  • and the tuition fees of HEC during each year of study at HEC (€13,200 per year for French students and EU citizens, or €17,500 per year for foreign students from outside the EU).
Télécom ParisTech


Direction de la Formation Initiale
Françoise Scholotterer  & Jean-Pascal Jullien