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Distributed Software Systems

Software, especially in distributed systems, is at the core of the vast majority of today’s computer based and socio-technical applications, including embedded and  pervasive systems, big data centers, Web services, cloud systems, and systems of systems.

Major web industries have lead the way in adopting innovative distributed architectures and also development methods that are now spreading to other sectors. These new practices are based on awarding greater responsibility to designers and developers, on agility in the development of new services, on continuous improvement, on cooperative work, and on community and crowd interaction for open-source code development.

In the second year this study track presents an overview of the theoretical foundation, background concepts, structural models, basic techniques, architectural solutions, practices and methods essential to architects, designers and developers of distributed software and systems.

The objective is that students acquire practical knowledge, allowing them to understand engineering as it is currently practiced in the business world.  The issues addressed encompass all phases of the development process, from requirements, through design, validation and verification, software distribution and maintenance, and are continually updated in relation to the new application domains.