Télécom ParisTech

The local majors ("Options")

If a student does not wish to register in a Master program (double degree), he may register in one of our local programs.

Under the supervision of their academic advisor, students choose, according to their interests, for one semester :

  • Courses for a minimum of 12 credits (120 hours). Some of these courses may be specific to Telecom ParisTech though there is also the possibility of picking from a large range of courses within the various Master of Science (M2) of the University of Paris Saclay or of other Parisian universities in which our professors teach (see the list).) Note : The courses at Télécom ParisTech will open only if there is the requisite number of students.
  • a personal project within a company or in a research laboratory for 120 hours (PRIM project) .
    This is to be completed by a 6 month internship during the other semester.

    Most of the local programs are scheduled during the first semester.

Note: one program, “Entrepreneurship”, is open to all students regardless of the program followed in the second year.The other programs have specific 2nd year programs perequisite. Students coming directly in the 3rd year should contact the academic adviser.

For more information, please refer to the description of each third year program on our offer .
You may recognise the Master 2 courses by their code in 900 and the Specific Télécom Paris courses by their code in 300. The programs may change every year.

Fall semester

Spring semester

  • Infrastructures and Networks Security (SR2I) - Prerequisite: SR2I or RES or SLR or SE 2nd year program