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Telecommunications : from data to systems

The “anytime, anywhere, anydevice” concept, specific to new uses of communication, and the boom of the quantity of data to transmit, result in the need of innovation in communication systems and especially in the related technologies. Indeed, engineers face many challenges, including very high data rate for wireless communications, ultra-high data rate for optical communications, intermittent connectivity of the Internet of Things, absolute reliability of communications for industry or autonomous vehicles, ever greater mobility, diversity of applications and their inherent constraints require understanding and mastering a very wide range of technologies and tools in Engineering, Physics and Mathematics.

In this context, the “Telecommunications: from data to systems” study track provides a global and exhaustive understanding of communication network technologies from both a theoretical and an experimental point of view. One of the key strengths of the track is the major project which accompanies the students throughout the year and makes it possible to better understand the notion of communication systems by making the articulation between the different courses.

After having completed this 2nd year track, the student will be able:

  • to identify the specificities of a communication system
  • to analyze the technical and theoretical limits of a communication system,
  • to design a communication system in accordance with specifications
  • to understand the ultimate technological limits of a communication network

More precisely, during the second year, digital communications, optical communications, antennas and wireless electronic communication systems will be studied as well as their interrelation in order to provide an end-to-end view of a communication network.