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Maison des élèves 1 & 2

"The Maisel 1 and its younger sister, the Maisel 2 are a way for international students and students who are not originally from Paris to fare even better than Parisians. These are mainly attributed to second- and third-year students, and are the very best - and inexpensive –way to get to class in 30 seconds without compromising on comfort.

The Maisel 1 and Maisel 2 residences are central to student life at Télécom, thanks to their individual bedrooms with a shower or studios for two people, fully-equipped kitchens on each floor, two laundry rooms, and especially, their ideal situation in a lively neighbourhood brimming with restaurants and bars. Their proximity to the student lounge may be a draw, too, although it does mean a bit less peace and quiet."

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Two maisons des élèves (Maisel)

Just a few metres from the School, the Maisel 1 and 2 are ideally situated, near to all services (e.g. post office, banks, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, hospitals ...) as well as the Italie 2 shopping centre  , movie theatres, theatres , a swimming pool  , many sports facilities, several green spaces, and two large parks. A tennis court belonging to the School is also available right next to the residences.

Maisel 1 and 2 are centrally-located in the picturesque neighbourhood of the Butte-aux-Cailles. Students will have Parisian life at their feet and can regain the city centre in just a few minutes thanks to the many public transit options available near the two residences.

Bedrooms and studios

Maisel 1 - Tolbiac

235 individual rooms: approx. 18 sq.m., furnished, with fridge, private shower, shared WCs, kitchens on each floor.

61 studios for two people sharing: approx. 30 sq.m., furnished, equipped kitchen with fridge and cooker with oven (utensils, crockery, etc. not supplied), private shower and WC.

Maisel 2 - Guyton

63 individual rooms: approx. 18 sq.m., furnished, with fridge, private shower and WC, shared kitchen on some floors.

Included: supply and cleaning of blankets and sheets.

Fee-based services: cleaning of room/studio. In exchange for a modest fee, the student-run REZEL association offers residents a broadband Internet connection.

Monthly rental charge

From 1st September 2018

Maisel 1 - Tolbiac

212, rue de Tolbiac - 75013 Paris 

Individual room: 465 €

Studio for two people sharing: 354 € per lodger

Maisel 2 - Guyton

10, rue Guyton de Morveau - 75013 Paris 

Individual room: 489 €

Accommodation allowance (ALS): 85 € for non-grant holder students or 112 € for grant-holder students.

Getting there

  • Metro line 6: Corvisart station
  • Bus route 62: Vergnaud stop
  • Velib bicycle hire: stations at 20 rue Wurtz and 81 rue Bobillot

Practical informations

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