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A.L.S. (Student accommodation allowance) Application guide

As soon as you arrive, you should apply for your student accommodation allowance directly...

on the Internet at www.caf.fr , click on “étudiants”, “aide au logement”, “faire une demande” (“apply”), tick on “J’ai bien pris connaissance…”, click on “continue”, “poursuivre” to make an application.

Complete your application on-line and print out the personalised forms:

  • a)    Request: when entering your information, for the question “Indiquez le type de logement pour lequel vous faites la demande, click on “Vous êtes en résidence universitaire, cité univ. ou foyer” and for the question “Sélectionnez l’organisme loueur dans la liste” (“Select the renting organisation from the list below”), select “ FOYER ECOLE NAT SUPERIEURE TELECOM”.
  • b)    Form for students under 25.
  • c)    Proof of residence (to be supplied by Maisel)

Important: if you receive a grant, do not forget to indicate the fact when answering the question “Êtes-vous boursier sur critères sociaux?” (“Are you a welfare grant holder?”).

Items to include with your application (photocopy required)

For residents of the European Economic Area and the European Union:


  • Identity card (front and back) or passport (A4 format compulsory).
  • 1 bank or post office account ID code.
  • Proof of grant (if necessary).
  • Social security card or proof of enrolment application (see Frantz Cayol, office B660).Your birth certificate translated into French (if you don’t have a French social security number)
  • Educational certificates.
  • Proof of non-payment by CAF in your parents’ place of residence if they received benefits on your behalf (if necessary).
  • Proof of the transfer of your dossier from your former CAF, if you received allowances in the past.


For foreign students not belonging to the European Economic Area, please also attach:


  • A long-stay visa for recent arrivals, except Algerians.
  • A valid residence permit (“carte de séjour”), front and back (A4 format compulsory), for students already resident in France.


To validate your visa for residence permit status (OFFI certification) or to renew your residence permit, apply to the school’s foreign students service: contact Ana Balavoine, office B633 for students undertaking initial training / Cevanne HAICAULT, bureau DA207, for Continuing Education students.

Your application can be processed with the proof of your request for a residence permit or long-stay visa.

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ALS allowance procedures


  • You are not eligible for an allowance for your first month’s rent.
  • On vacating the accommodation, the allowance will be provided only if the rent has been paid until the last day of the month in question.
  • The accommodation allowance is paid at the expiry date.


Where to hand in your application ?

The complete application should be handed in at Reception, during CAF call-in sessions, for checking and stamping before being sent to the Caisse d’Allocation Familiales.

The housing subsidy is only retroactive for a maximum of one month, so, if you delay you can lose several subsidy payments.

CAF address

101 rue Nationale F-75656 Paris cedex 13 - Tel. (domestic call) : 0820.25.75.10