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Maisel 1 & 2: practical informations


Located on the ground floor in the entrance hall of Maisel 1 - Tolbiac, the Maisel reception staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Arrival at your accommodation

Excluding exceptional circumstances, students are requested to arrive between Monday and Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm.

You will be required to provide proof of identity and a photo for admission purposes.

Vacating your accommodation

You are requested to inform the reception of your departure at least one month in advance. Your room will be subject to a pre-inventory inspection roughly one week before your departure.

On the day of your departure, a check-out inventory will be performed: any damage or missing objects will be billed according to a list available at reception. You must leave the room clean and tidy: if your accommodation is not left in a perfect condition, you will be billed accordingly.

Please remember to settle any unpaid bills and leave a forwarding address for your mail.


You may arrange a meeting with Maisel’s director at the Maisel reception, or contact him on 01 45 81 84 00 or by email .

Mr. Cahen also operates a walk-in consultation session every Tuesday between 8 pm and 9 pm.


The reception at Maisel 1 – Tolbiac will distribute letters and packages not sent by registered post to mailboxes allocated to each accommodation unit.

Your postal address for mail or packages will be as follows:


Chambre/Studio No………………………(specify G if Maisel 2 - Guyton)

Maison des Elèves de Télécom ParisTech

212, rue de Tolbiac

F-75013 Paris

Rent (payment methods)

At the beginning of each month, you will receive a statement for the current month in your mailbox at Maisel 1. The statement details the rent due and, if applicable, your telephone bill for the previous month.

Payment should be made at reception before the 10th of the month in cash, or by cheque or bank card.

You may also pay by monthly direct debit, made around the 10th of each month. Please collect a debit authorisation form from reception, complete it and return it to reception. The first debit will be made the following month.

A receipt will be provided for each payment.

Please respect the payment terms.

Emergency night service

Contact the night porter at the Maisel 1 – Tolbiac reception on 01 45 81 87 07 or 87 07 (from a Maisel land line) or 06 41 39 10 87.

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Sheets, cleaning, repairs


Sheets are provided free of charge.

They are changed on Wednesdays, every three weeks, directly in your room (see appendixes).

Room cleaning

Residents are requested to keep their accommodation clean and tidy.

A fee-based cleaning service is available on request from Maisel during and at the end of your stay (rates available at reception).

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are available from the Maisel 1 – Tolbiac reception in exchange for your resident’s card.

Lending time is limited to one hour.

Irons and ironing boards

Irons and ironing boards are available in room 103, on the first floor of Maisel 1.

Rubbish shoots

Maisel 1: two on each floor, located at each end.

Maisel 2: one on each floor, follow sorting instructions.

Do not place glass or bulky items in the shoots.

Sorting of rubbish


51 rue Vergniaud (post office car park, next to hall).

The following bins are available:

  • large green bins with yellow lids for paper and recyclable waste
  • large green bins with green lids for food and non-recyclable waste
  • large bins for glass.


Electrical problems, leaks, blocked sinks or showers, etc. Alert the reception to all incidents, preferably between 8 am and 4 pm, Monday to Friday (except for emergencies). A member of our technical team will attend to the problem as quickly as possible


You may exchange your used light bulbs at reception.


The lift is equipped with an interphone in case of emergencies: an OTIS engineer will release you from the lift within 30 minutes.

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The launderettes are located on the 1st floor of Maisel 1 – Tolbiac (rooms 103 and 129)

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 10.30 pm

Sundays and public holidays, noon to 10.30 pm


Wash (laundry detergent not supplied): 0.60 €

Dry: 0.40 €


Both launderettes have been equipped with a payment machine to manage the washing/drying machines. 1,2 and 5 cent coins are not accepted as payment in the launderette. The payment machines do not give change.

You will be provided with an individual electronic key free of charge (you are liable to a charge of 10 € if you lose or fail to return the key at the end of your stay). It will provide you with access to the machines.

Payment is made directly via the payment machine and you may even pay a sum in advance, which will be recorded on your key. You can also pay by cheque at reception if you wish to purchase several wash cycles (10 € minimum).

Laundry detergent

Please remember to buy laundry detergent before using the machines. Please only use liquitabs.

Ironing room

An ironing room in Room 103 with three ironing boards and three irons is accessible free of charge during launderette opening hours (except Tuesday and Wednesday: from 6.30 pm to 7.45 pm only).

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Shared kitchens


  • Maisel 1: one kitchen on each floor (2nd to 8th floors).
  • Maisel 2: 1st, 3rd and 5th floors.


Table, benches, shelves, electric cooker with oven, microwave oven, work surface and sink.

Kitchens should be kept perfectly clean and tidy.

Please do not leave your kitchen crockery or food in the shared kitchens.

There are no kitchens in individual rooms.

It is strictly forbidden to use warming plates, pressure cookers and microwaves in rooms.

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Access, safety, keys


If you lose your key, please contact reception. You will be provided with a copy of your key for 48 hours. If you do not find your key, the lock will be changed for security reasons and you will be required to cover the costs incurred immediately.

You are not allowed to make a copy of your key.

House rules

You will be provided with a copy of the house rules on arrival. Please read them carefully… and respect them.


Hawking is forbidden in the building. If you see a door-to-door salesperson in the building, alert the reception (01 45 81 87 07). This is for your own security.

Fire safety

Respect the safety instructions posted in the halls and corridors.


Access is permitted 24/7.

Digicode (you should not provide anyone else with the security code in order to ensure the security of residents).

Ensure that the door is securely closed behind you.


We strongly recommend that students keep their room or studio locked at all times.

Your possessions are not insured against theft or damage. You are therefore advised to take out a suitable insurance policy.

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Telephone, student centre and restaurant


The school has installed and manages its own telephone line (line requests should be made at the Maisel 1 reception).

Connection charges will be invoiced on a monthly basis: users enjoy free phone calls within Maisel 1 and 2 and the school by dialling the last four numbers. External calls will be billed: dial 0 + the number required.

A monthly breakdown of your calls will be attached to your bill.

The line is always disconnected at least 48 hours before your departure.

Student centre

Numerous student events are organized. Contact the students’ office for more information.


Télécom ParisTech [RAB] administrative restaurant 

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday lunchtime:

from 11.15 am to 1.30 pm

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings:

from 6.30 pm to 7.45 pm.

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