Télécom ParisTech

Clubs and societies

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in associations, which form part of the educational process and develop a sense of responsibility and organization.

More than 50 clubs and associations offer students the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities in diverse fields such as:

  • Sport (sailing, badminton, handball, tennis, volleyball, etc.)
  • Culture (theater, improvization, Tivi +, etc.)
  • Music (BDAC, choir, salsa, Télécom Sound & Magic, etc.)
  • Corporate activities (Télécom Étude, Telecommunication Forum, etc.)
  • Information & Communication Technologies and Sciences (Rezel - Student Network, robotics, etc.)
  • Oenology or … “coinche” (card game)
  • Music school

Telecom ParisTech alumni: an association of former Telecom ParisTech students

Logo Telecom ParisTech alumni

Telecom ParisTech alumni  aims to bring together former students by offering them services and an associative structure. It operates within Telecom ParisTech and its role is to promote the image of the School and its former students while maintaining links between students, former students and companies. It also provides careers advice.

To these ends, the association publishes the "Télécom" magazine and the "Lettre des anciens” alumni newsletter. It also organises breakfast debates and events designed to bring together current and former students. Finally, it publishes an extensive list of job opportunities for former students.

Logo du Bureau des Élèves de Télécom ParisTech

Associative activities are managed by the Bureau des Élèves (Students' Union).

The Bureau des Doctorants  (PHD Students' Union) consists of a group of volunteer PHD students whose aim is to improve their colleagues’ lives during their three years of study for their thesis at the School. Its role is to coordinate the collective activities of PHD students, help them to complete their administrative formalities and form a link between themselves and the administration.