Télécom ParisTech

Telecom Etude Junior Enterprise

Télécom Étude, the New Technologies Junior Entreprise

L'équipe de Télécom Étude

We bring together companies with projects to run, and students from Télécom ParisTech who provide the service.

A dual vocation: economic and educational

Télécom Étude  is Télécom ParisTech’s Junior Entreprise: it is managed on a voluntary basis by a team of 19 second-year students.

Adapting dynamically!

Our strengths: quality, skilled and motivated participants, excellent team training.

A variety of areas of competency

Since 2008, Télécom Étude has been a partner of HEC Junior Conseil. We can therefore share our knowledge and contacts to provide a broader range of services. We conduct missions in applied mathematics, strategy and management.