Télécom ParisTech

E-learning and course administration…

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Overview of services and main screens of the Digital Work Environment (DWE) for students...

In a nutshell…

  • Personalized timetable
    Each student has his own full timetable, which can be accessed on the Télécom ParisTech extranet.
  • Administrative enrollment
    At the beginning of the academic year each student carries out his administrative enrollment on line - from the payment of tuition fees to affiliation to the French social security system or the opening of a computer account.
  • Course enrollment
    Whether it concerns, for example, science courses, general education, or language classes, students make their enrollment applications and monitor their progress using the extranet.
  • Marks and credits
    Using the extranet, each student has access to his personalized space where he can see the marks and credits that he has obtained.
  • ParisTech international student card
    To facilitate its students' mobility within ParisTech's member institutions as well as internationally, Télécom ParisTech has chosen the 'Isic–ParisTech' student's card. This single card gives students access to numerous services, such as libraries and restaurants.