Télécom ParisTech

What do our students say ?

I had some great times at Telecom ParisTech

Lucio Bellomo, Italian, Engineer – class of 2007

I particularly remember certain dinners eaten in the rooms at Maisel and evenings when students from eight or nine different countries enjoyed music provided by a guitarist. This stimulated a constant desire to show and share the customs, traditions, food, music, etc. of one’s country with friends. Thanks to this attitude, students get to discover and understand certain global issues as well as the tales and snapshots that we all encounter at least once in our lives.

Lucio Bellomo, Italian, Engineer – class of 2007

Plan your dream up in the air and take castle to take you there

Sharique Ali Khan. MSc Mobile communication. India

The castle is no doubt Telecom ParisTech, which can bridge you and your dream. I feel myself privileged to be part of such an Institute. Telecom ParisTech is the contribution of the most glittering brains in the world. It has a blend of experienced technocrats, generation X technology and bilateral relation with leading companies. The atmosphere here is amazing, everyone is very cooperative and understanding. In a nutshell if technology is your passion, Telecom ParisTech is the right place.

Sharique Ali Khan. Master of Science Mobile communication. India

Studying at Telecom ParisTech means entering a "mini-world"...

Angel Mercado, Peruvian, Engineer – class of 2009

... where you meet friends from all over the world. There is a very pleasant, truly multicultural atmosphere in which you can share your experiences and are given advice which is essential for your professional and personal life. Not forgetting the quality of the teaching and administrative staff, who are willing to help you at all times.

Angel Mercado, Peruvian, Engineer – class of 2009

Telecom ParisTech – it is needless to say that it is one of the best...

Rajarshi Middya – India Master of Science Student

... « école » to pursue a course in field of communications. I knew France was very advanced in communications but I realized it myself when I joined Telecom ParisTech. I am currently studying in a place where the very latest research is done. I have no words to describe the feeling when I found out that my professors – the one who are present in front of me in flesh and blood are the people who are responsible for the very technologies that we use in our day to day life. That’s Telecom ParisTech ! You won’t even realized until you get there, what a great place to study and learn. And when you are pursuing a course you will realize that you are learning from people who are the very best in business – both academic and industry.

Rajarshi Middya – India Master of Science Student

The last weekend of the year, English Debating Club, Junior Enterprise projects, Spanish lessons, personal development activities and team project…

... all of these events helped me to forge links with other French and overseas students. I worked with highly motivated and enthusiastic people in a multicultural environment, which prepared me to make a successful start to my job at Morgan Stanley, being nominated for the “Morgan Stanley IT Europe Monthly Recognition Award” in my second month of work.

Engineer - class of 2007. Analyst at Morgan Stanley UK.

Yunhan Xie, China, Master ICT (Master of Science)

Wei Xiao Xiu, China, Exchange

Tavleen Singh, India, Master of science

Yiming Chen, China, double-degree