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Télécom ParisTech and Télécom SudParis plan to merge

Télécom ParisTech et Télécom SudParis

Press release - 12 September, 2016

The prestigious engineering Grandes Écoles Télécom ParisTech and Télécom SudParis are planning to merge upon their arrival on the Paris-Saclay campus in 2019. The Directors of these two schools and of the Institut Mines-Télécom have launched a feasibility assessment and will publish the results in January 2017. Their shared objective is to address economic and societal issues with the creation of a national Grande École which will be the leading institution in the field of digital technology.

This initiative is led by Yves Poilane and Christophe Digne, the Directors of Télécom ParisTech and Télécom SudParis, respectively. They were commissioned by the French Government to conduct a feasibility study about the merging of their schools by January 2017. Their upcoming move to the Paris-Saclay campus in 3 years has provided the opportunity to bring the schools together.

Built upon a solid academic foundation in the field of digital technology and a shared industrial culture, their common ambition is to build the leading Grande École in the field of digital technology. It will offer a general engineering program, which will recruit students from Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Écoles (CPGE, classes which prepare students for the entrance examinations to the top-ranking higher education establishments) with the competitive common engineering school exam, the Concours Commun Mines Ponts, to whom the proposal will be made. This school will aim to increase multidisciplinary interaction between academic and industrial players in order to provide them with the digital skills that are so vital in today’s world.

Creating the leading Grande École in the field of digital technology

Yves Poilane reaffirms: "We intend to respond to the key economic issues and societal challenges of the 21st century by positioning ourselves as the Paris-Saclay College of Innovation in Digital Technology. We know that digital technology is changing the world, and we want to be active participants in the revolution!"

According to Christophe Digne : "By uniting to meet the challenge of contributing to the digital revolution as institutions of higher learning, our ambition is to provide training to tomorrow’s engineers to solve increasingly complex and multidisciplinary issues, by more thoroughly covering each area of digital technology and the major industries that it affects. Neither of our schools can achieve this alone. Additionally, our teams have increased their partnerships within the Institut Mines-Télécom over the past five years as part of our shared participation in the Paris-Saclay University."

Bringing even more added value to School partners 

This convergence project is a natural progression; with its 24000 alumni and the ability to train 1000 new graduates each year, the new school could gain even more recognition and become increasingly attractive both to students and companies. The shared 2019 move in Palaiseau is both realistic and symbolic of the fusion of the two schools.

Beyond Télécom ParisTech and Télécom SudParis, real benefits are also expected for other stakeholders: the Institut Mines-Télécom would gain an even stronger "flagship school" in the field of digital technology; the Paris-Saclay University would receive even larger contributions in education, research and innovation; and finally, territorial collectivities (Paris-Saclay, Grand Paris Sud and the Essonne Departement) would benefit from having an even more attractive Grande École in the field of digital technology located in Palaiseau and Évry (south of Paris).

A collaborative study

The time has now come to share qualitative and quantitative information about the current situation of the schools, to define strategic goals which best capitalize on their competences, to identify sensitive areas and the risks involved in this project and to propose planning and phasing if the project is confirmed.

According to Philippe Jamet, the General Director of the Institut Mines-Télécom, "When it comes to its presence in Paris-Saclay, studying the merging of the schools is entirely consistent with the strategy of the Institut Mines-Télécom."

The study’s steering committee will bring together the Presidents of both School Councils , the General Director of the Institut Mines-Télécom and the sector Ministry. The study includes consultations with governing bodies, meetings with stakeholders, collaborative work pairing the executive staff of both schools, and contributions from social networks.



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About Télécom ParisTech

The Télécom ParisTech Grande Ecole is one of the Top 4 Engineering Schools in France. It is ranked in first place for its relationships with businesses. This public school guarantees excellent employability in all fields and has emerged as the number one engineering school in the field of digital technology. Its excellent teaching and innovative pedagogy place Télécom ParisTech at the heart of a unique ecosystem of innovation which is built upon the interactions and transversality between education, interdisciplinary research, its two business incubators, and its campuses (Paris and Sophia Antipolis - EURECOM). It is rated A+ by AERES (Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education) and has received the Carnot Télécom & Société Numérique label. Its research covers the entire field of digital technology. Télécom ParisTech is part of the Institut Mines-Télécom and is a founding member of the internationally-renowned ParisTech network. It is to become the College of innovation through digital technology within Paris-Saclay.

About Télécom SudParis 

Télécom SudParis is a public engineering Grande École which has achieved the highest levels of recognition in the fields of Information Technology and Communication. The quality of its programs is based on the scientific excellence of its teaching faculty and its education, which focuses on project management, innovation and cross-culturality. Télécom SudParis is a part of the Institut Mines-Télécom, the premier group of engineering schools in France; it reports to the Ministry of Industry and is a founding member of the Paris-Saclay University. It shares an international campus with Télécom École de Management. Télécom SudParis currently enrolls 1000 students, including 700 engineering students and nearly 180 doctoral students.