Télécom ParisTech

Research centre for digital technology

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Télécom ParisTech is an international and multidisciplinary research centre for digital technology which combines disciplinary expertise at the highest level and a unique capacity for a cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approach across all the sectoral areas in direct response to the socio-economic issues of the digital revolution.

including one Joint Research Unit (UMR), under the authority of the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and Télécom ParisTech. Our two labs drive very high level research and worldwide visibility:

The 4 departments: disciplinary mainstays of digital technology

4 teaching and research departments that cover all the disciplinary expertise in digital technology :

6 institutional strategic objectives ("AxSEs" for Axes Statégiques) achieve the potential of a cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research approach by Télécom ParisTech to the major issues of the digital revolution that are common to all sectoral areas:

Key figures

Research at Télécom ParisTech relies on:

  • 172 faculty members
  • 14 engineers and technicians on permanent contracts
  • 285 PhD students

- producing on average each year:

  • 625 international publications (journals and conferences)
  • 20 patents

- has an annual average contractual turnover of 10.8M€ which helps fund 50% of its entire costs

- receives on average each year:

  • 70 "post-PhDs"
  • 60 "visiting scientists"

A major player at Université Paris-Saclay

Université Paris-Saclay

Télécom ParisTech is a key player in research on digital technology at UPSay (Université Paris-Saclay) and actively contributes to the definition and implementation of the scientific strategy in all areas of digital technology at UPSay, as well as in the "Interfaces":

Michele Wigger, digital communications, ERC Starting Grant [Research outstanding works #2]

Wanyu Liu, Human Computer Interaction [Research outstanding works #1]

Umut Simsekli, Machine Learning [Research field highlights #1]