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2011 Eurographics 2011 Young Researcher Prize awarded to Elmar Eisemann

... awarded to Elmar Eisemann


Elmar Eisemann is an associate professor in vision and 3D image synthesis, within the Signal and Image Processing department at Télécom ParisTech. After graduating from the ENS, he produced his thesis at the Inria under the direction of François Sillon and Xavier Décoret as a member of the ARTIS research team. As part of his thesis, he performed several internships at MIT, the UIUC, and Adobe. In 2008-2009, he worked as a senior researcher at the Université de la Sarre, within the MPI Informatics in the Cluster of Excellence on Multimodal Computing and Interaction (MMCI).

His thesis focused on real-time rendering and alternative representations. His work on rapid voxelisation (the representation of a volume in space) represents a new and extremely effective way of discretizing an entire scene, that is, transforming it into a value grid using a parallelised computation. Based on this data structuring, this algorithm has numerous applications. Of the resulting innovation solutions, calculating shadows, refractions and reflections were presented. The other important results of his dissertation include an exact analysis of the error of the simplification of objects, the calculation of shadows and of visibility.

His work on intrinsic relighting (SIGGRAPH 2004) has already had a major impact in the computer graphics and vision fields. Two photographs (one with and one without flash) are combined by adapting the bilateral filter to extract details and colours from the flash image and the atmosphere and lighting from the image without flash. This work offers a wide range of additional advantages, including a reverse approach to white balance, and the introduction of the cross/joint bilateral filter.

His recent work includes effective algorithms for creating realistic images, visibility analyses for converting mesh files into an editable vector format based on perceptual phenomena to increase the quality of the rendering.

This work, along with many other results, were published in major conference reports and journals (Eurographics, SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, EGSR). Elmar Eisemann’s research has made a significant contribution in many areas and has had a major impact on several fields of computer graphics, such as computational photography, visibility and, recently, vector representations and perceptual rendering.