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Éric Moulines winner of the 2011 Grand Prix France Télécom awarded by the Académie des Sciences

Éric Moulines lauréat 2011 du Grand Prix France Télécom de l'Académie des Sciences

A graduate of Télécom ParisTech (1986) and an Ingénieur Général du Corps Interministériel des Mines, Éric Moulines is a mathematician and a signal processor.

He began his career at CNET (now Orange Labs) before joining Télécom ParisTech in 1990 where he is currently a professor in the signal and images processing department.

In 2010, Éric Moulines was awarded the CNRS Silver Medal for the originality, quality and importance of his work in the field of stochastic learning and probabilistic methods applied to signal processing.

Created in 1992, the France Télécom Annual Prize of the French Académie des Sciences  is awarded to one or more researchers or engineers from France or the European Union for work on basic or applied research in the field of telecommunications with a potential impact on services, networks, equipment or components.

The prize was awarded on 11 October 2011.