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Paris-Saclay: the college of innovation through digital technology

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In a radically changing international environment, Université Paris-Saclay is a French world-class research university located between Paris and Versailles, an area known for science and innovation.

Université Paris-Saclay brings together universities, grandes écoles and research organizations in a unique model: members retain their identity and resources and agree to coordinate their work and pool certain resources in projects that are defined and implemented jointly.

Université Paris-Saclay benefits from support from the French State for the development of traffic and transport infrastructure, academic and commercial real estate projects, as well as accommodation, catering, leisure and other services for students and staff.  

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Yves Poilane, the Director of Télécom ParisTech, clarifies the next strategic move of the École to the Paris-Saclay campus.

At the time of the announcement of the winning property design. This development will accommodate Télécom ParisTech in its entirety, a part of the Télécom SudParis scientific teams and the General Directorate of Institut Mines-Télécom. For our école, which is more than a hundred years old, and whose last and only move dates back to 1934, the scheduled relocation to Palaiseau in 2019 is an event!

Moreover, it will be part of an overall unparalleled national approach consisting of building the first French university able to sustain the ambition of being in the 10 top universities in the world, through the closer co-operation of no less than two universities, eleven Grandes écoles, and six research organisations.

Furthermore, beyond simply establishing a new university (in the broadest sense of the term), a complete ecosystem for higher education, research and innovation will be created at Paris-Saclay  , also with industrial research centres, SME-SMIs, start-ups, financial backers, who are either Venture Capitalist or Business Angel, and co-operative organisations, etc.

This move to Palaiseau will give Télécom ParisTech the opportunity to become the college of innovation through Paris-Saclay’s digital technology. That is to say, both:

  • to establish its own identity within a distinctive contribution to the Paris-Saclay group,
  • and to develop a close and multifaceted interaction with the multi-disciplinary environment of this campus.

An especially welcoming opportunity is digital technology which nowadays is present in all professions, industrial sectors, and in all areas of society.

Therefore, it is far more than a move of about 20 kilometres south, since this relocation provides the opportunity for a profound change in the École, reflecting the place occupied by digital technology in the 21st century, and the place that France must aim to take in the field worldwide.

These premises will firstly clearly be able to properly accommodate the staff and students of the École in better conditions than those which they now experience, and which are better suited to new working methods, whether in teaching or research, that are more co-operative, more cross-disciplinary, and more user-friendly.

However, they will also help to make our building an “attractor” for other teams at the Saclay plateau (or elsewhere) around multi-disciplinary projects to provide answers to the main economic and social issues of our century through digital technology. An initial illustration of this will be given with the establishment of the Institute for Digital Society by Université Paris Saclay, a multi-disciplinary institute, co-led by INRIA and Télécom ParisTech, some of whose activities will be accommodated by our École.

The accessibility of Paris-Saclay from the 'Île-de-France region is a concern for the École Director that I am….and with my colleagues from the Saclay institutions; we are maintaining constant pressure on the government about this. We have ensured that the RER B regional express train line is upgraded and that the frequency and range of Bus Rapid Transit systems are regularly reviewed as the plateau’s capacity increases. The Prime Minister has decided on a scheme to expand the Grand Paris Express which will help to connect the plateau to Massy-Palaiseau by light rail (line 18 by 2025), and then to Orly. The airport is connected to Paris by line 14 which will be extended. So, upon arrival, we will only be 7 minutes from the Massy-Palaiseau RER train line by dedicated public transport routes… before some years later being just next to the Palaiseau metro station on the new line 18.

In 2019, Télécom ParisTech, Télécom SudParis and the General Directorate of Institut Mines-Télécom are moving to Palaiseau to the new Université Paris-Saclay campus.