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Why choose us ? An open school

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When you choose Telecom ParisTech you enter the world of information and communication sciences and technologies. Our school trains engineers to be able to meet the new challenges of the information society. You will go straight to key positions in industry that call for operational, relational and managerial skills.

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Telecom ParisTech provides "custom-built" training that makes it unique among engineering Grandes Ecoles in France: choose your own training program based on your personal preferences and career aspirations. Telecom ParisTech engineers have very varied profiles, ranging from general to specialized engineering, and cutting-edge technologies to management. Courses are in Paris or at EURECOM at Sophia-Antipolis.

More than 90% of employed graduates found their job less then two months after graduation. The average salary for a first job is €40,000/year. Details on employment survey.

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Beginning in the first year, you will spend a four to eight week immersion period in a business or a non-profit organization. One semester in your final year is devoted to internship as an engineer. You can also opt for a young engineer year. This internship enables you to acquire real experience of working in industry. It will be an opportunity to build, present, develop and complete a solution to meet the demands of the enterprise. Internships can be in France or abroad.

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All through your studies you will be able to learn from professionals who bring their expertise to bear on case studies, company visits, teaching courses and conferences. These contacts reflect and consolidate your course choices provide valuable back-up for your job and internship applications.